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How to Re-Enroll:

Students wishing to re-enroll at TCU after a period of non-attendance for other than a summer session must apply for re-enrollment in the Registrar’s Office. Applications for re-enrollment should be submitted at least four to six weeks prior to the semester in which you intend to return to TCU. The re-enrollment admission decision will be based upon a review of your entire academic and disciplinary record. Approval to return is required by the Associate Dean of your major and Campus Life. If you are changing majors, approval is needed from the Associate Dean of your former major, as well as, the Associate Dean of your propspective new major. Once approved, you will be able to register in the next available registration period. We will require the following items to complete the re-enrollment application process:

  • Download the Re-Enrollment Application
  • Non-refundable fee of $40. Please note that cash or checks are not accepted, but you may submit a credit card payment here
    • Application fee may be waived if you are a Veteran or current Service member. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended since your last TCU enrollment.

Official transcripts and Re-Enrollment applications may be sent to the following address:

TCU Office of the Registrar
PO BOX 297004
Fort Worth, TX 76129

You may also scan and email your application to reg_reenrollment@tcu.edu along with any official transcripts that are emailed directly from the sending institution. We also accept applications and transcripts (in a signed, sealed envelope) in person. Please bring all documents to the Office of the Registrar. We are located in The Harrison, 1300.

Any questions regarding the Re-Enrollment process can be directed (817) 257-7237 or by email at reg_reenrollment@tcu.edu.

Important Information:

Only students admitted to the University or others authorized by Housing and Residence Life may reside in University residence halls. Any students enrolled for fewer than nine (9) semester hours are not eligible for housing unless authorized by the Director of Residential Services or his/her designee. All entering freshmen are required to live on-campus or in other TCU authorized housing for their first two academic years (freshman and sophomore) and entering transfer students the remainder of their first two academic years (freshman and sophomore), subject to the following exceptions:

(1)Students who are 21 years or older as of the first day of classes;
(2)Living with parent/legal guardian in Fort Worth;
(3)Married and/or have dependent children living with the student;
(4)Student is a Veteran(5)Student is enrolled in fewer than nine (9) hours;
(6)Students who seek approval by Housing and Residence Life;

Anyone wishing to appeal this policy must send an official email of appeal to housing@tcu.edu for review.

Undergraduate non-degree students, who wish to re-enter TCU after a period of non-attendance for other than a summer session, must apply for re-enrollment through the Office of Extended Education at 3015 Merida, Fort Worth, Texas 76109, or call 817-257-7130.

Graduate students seeking re-enrollment whose last attendance was prior to the Fall semester 2000 should report to the appropriate office according to major to obtain a new permit to register:

Non-degree, Visiting

Dean of the appropriate school/college


Dan Rogers 344


Sadler Hall 3101


Dan Rogers 170

AddRan College of Humanities and Social Science

Scharbauer 2001

College of Communication

Moudy Bldg. South 207

College of Education

Bailey Bldg. 206

College of Fine Arts

Moudy Bldg. 119N

College of Science and Engineering

Tucker 102

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Rees-Jones Hall, 346