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Enrollment FAQ

Why can't I enroll?
How do I enroll, edit, drop, or swap a class ?
When does enrollment begin?
Pre-Enrollment for the semester will be by appointment for undergraduate students. You will receive an email instructing you to go online to get advisor and enrollment appointment information. After receiving the email, you will be able to find out your enrollment time through the my.tcu.edu system by doing the following:

How can I find out who my advisor is?
When can I enroll in classes?
You can do it anytime after your enrollment appointment time by using my.tcu.edu.
How do I check to see what classes are open, closed or require a permit?
There are several ways to access this information. One way that gives you a lot of flexibility in planning is to use the CLASS SEARCH - ANY TERM page which you can access from my.tcu.edu or the Registrar's Home Page. This program allows you to search by subject, UCR, class days, class times, class status (Open, Closed, Permit Only) and class attributes (to search for Honors classes, classes offered on the web, Freshmen Seminars, Study Abroad, Environmental Science classes, and Women's Studies classes). You can define your search as broadly or narrowly as you choose to design your "perfect schedule." For example, if you want to see all the Sociology classes offered for the term, click on the down arrow in the subject area field and select SOCI and then click on SEARCH. You will see a listing of all courses offered by the Sociology department for the term. Open classes will be listed in black, closed in red, and permit only classes in blue. This listing will also show class sizes and number of students currently enrolled, professor name, meeting days and times, UCRS satisfied (if applicable), subject name, course number, section number, and the five-digit class number you need to know for enrollment purposes. If you don't want any classes before 10:00 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m., you can enter those time criteria into the search boxes and click on SEARCH and the computer will list all classes available during those times. Just remember, the more information you give the computer, the more you can narrow your search.
Is there anywhere on my.tcu.edu where I can see a description of a course?
Yes. You can get a course description on Class Search. If you click on the Course Catalog Number (i.e. ACCT 20153) in the second column from the left, you will see a description of the course.
When I tried to enroll, I received the message "No Applications to Review." What does that mean?
It means that you either have not yet been matriculated by the Admissions Office or you have not been activated for the term for which you are trying to enroll. You need to contact the Registrar's Office to find out what needs to be done.
When I tried to enter the subject and course number to enroll, it didn't work. What is a class number?
Each section of each course number in each subject area has been assigned a unique number. In the Spring the number will start with "3", in the summer, it will start with a "5", and in the fall it will start with "7". This five-digit number is the number you use for enrolling in a class.
What is the maximum number of hours in which I can enroll ?
You can enroll in up to 17 hours during advanced enrollment. Beginning the first day of classes, you can enroll in a total of 18 hours without dean's permission.
I want to enroll in 18 hours but the system won't let me. What do I do?
You may add to a total of 18 hours beginning the first day of classes.
My friend is enrolled in 18 hours but the system will not allow me to enroll in 18 hours. How do I get permission to enroll in 18 hours?
You do not have to get permission to enroll in 18 hours. You may add to a total of 18 hours beginning the first day of classes.
What is the maximum number of hours in which I can wait list?
You can wait list in up to 6 hours.
How does the wait list option work?
If a class is full and you place your name on the waiting list, you are placed on the list in whatever order you made the request. If someone drops the course, the computer automatically goes to the first person on the wait list and places him/her in the class. However, if being placed in the class would take your over 18 hours, the request to place you in the class will fail and the computer will go to the next person on the wait list. If you place yourself on a wait list for a class, be sure to keep checking to see if you have been placed in the class. You can be placed in the class anytime through midnight on the Last Day to Add Classes. You should be notified by email at your TCU email address that you have been placed in the class and will be billed for the class if your status changes from "FULL" to "ENROLLED" so it is very important for you to check your schedule daily.
What is the likelihood I will actually get in a class when I place myself on the waiting list?
It is hard to determine whether or not the classes will open. It varies by semester and class and is dependent on whether all students who have pre-registered actually return to TCU. Usually, there are some drops each semester. You can check your CLASS SCHEDULE on my.tcu.edu to see if your status has changed from "full" to "enrolled".
I can't enroll in a lab that has an associated lecture class. What am I doing wrong?
Lectures with associated labs are "related classes." In these cases, you enter the lecture's five-digit class number to enroll. After you click "Enter" you will be taken to the Class Enrollment Options panel where you can select the lab you desire in the box to the left of lab class number and click "Next".
When I am trying to enroll in a class, where should I enter the permission number the department gave me?
Enter the class number for the class on the "Step 1-Add A Class" page and click "Enter". Now under Class Preferences, you can enter in the permission number and click "Next".
There are no permission numbers for a closed class I want to take. How do I get a closed class permit?
If the department is not issuing permission numbers and the class is closed or requires a permit, you will need to go to the professor or department and secure a closed class permit. You will then need to come to the Registrar's Office in The Harrison, 1300 and we will enroll you in the class. We will then help you enroll in the class.
How do I get a copy of my schedule?
When you have enrolled in all the classes you desire, you can print a copy of your schedule by clicking on the Manage Classes tile. Click "Weekly Schedule" and then "Printer Friendly Page" and then "Print".