Transfer Credit Request

After you log into your MyTCU account, click on the Academic Records tile, scroll down to Transfer Credit and click on the drop-down arrow, choose Request Transfer Credit from the options.

screenshot: Academic Records tile
screenshot: Transfer Credit menu item
screenshot: Request Transfer Credit menu item

Select the term you wish to take the course(s) you wish to take, enter how many total hours you anticipate taking, answer if this will interrupt taking your last 30 hours at TCU, and if you will be concurrently enrolled at TCU while taking this class.

screenshot: Term Info form with key fields indicated with arrows

Carefully read the instructions and guidelines from your college, then click on the “I agree to the terms above” button.

Indicate the course requirements for which you are attempting to receive credit.

screenshot: Click Here to Select Your Transfer School button

Click on the “Click Here to Select Your Transfer School” button.

You can then search for your school by name, state or city.

screenshot: Transfer School Lookup form

Finally, enter the information requested in the highlighted fields and click the “Submit Course for Approval” button.

screenshot: Submit Course for Approval button