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    Help in Reading the Schedule of Classes

      Each course is assigned a five-digit number. The first digit indicates the level (year) at which the course is offered; the fifth digit reflects the amount of semester hours credit assigned to the course.

      In indicating the level or year of the course, 0 is used for subfreshman; 1 for freshman; 2 for sophomore; 3 for junior; 4 for senior; 5 for senior-graduate; and 6, 7,and 9 for graduate.

      The fifth digit shows semester hour credit with one exception -0 is assigned to courses which include one or more of the following features: credit value includes a fraction; the course has a variable credit value which is determined at the time of enrollment on an individual basis.

      Therefore the course, ENGL 10113, is a freshman level course (first digit) which carries three semester hours of credit (fifth digit).

      When the term "advanced courses" is used, it refers to those of junior rank (30000 level) or higher.

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