Texas Christian University | Registrars Office

Pass – No Credit Grading Option (revised 04-2018)

Undergraduate students may elect a Pass/No-Credit (P/NC) grading option. They may do so by indicating their choice online using the Manage Classes then Update Classes in my.tcu.edu no later than the date listed in the academic calendar for electing the P/NC grading option. . These P/NC courses are not counted in computing the student's GPA. A "P" course, however, will carry credit hours and be used toward a student's total hours required for graduation. A "P" indicates achievement equivalent to a “C-” or better. Achievement equivalent to a "D+" or below results in the grade of "NC." Students earn no credit hours in courses in which the grade of "NC" is received.

Students may take up to two courses (eight hours maximum) on a P/NC basis. No course applied to the student’s major, minor or associated requirements may be taken on the P/NC basis. Students in the M.J. Neeley School of Business may not take any course in the lower-division business sequence or in the upper-division business core on the P/NC basis. Students in the College of Education may not take any education course required for teacher certification or in the student’s teaching content area on the P/NC basis. Courses offered only with the P/NC grade will not be counted toward this limit on the number of P/NC hours. The P/NC option is not allowed in any English as a foreign language courses offered by the English Language Center.

Always check your schedule for the corrections after making changes.