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Scheduling Guidelines – Main sessions and standard class times

MAY Session JUN Session JLY Session 8W1 Session
8:00–11:00 (002) 8:00–9:30 (002) 8:00–9:55 (002) 8:00–9:30 (002)
9:00–12:00 (010) 9:40–11:10 (010) 10:05–12:00 (020) 9:40–11:10 (010)
1:00–4:00 (050) 11:20–12:50 (030) 12:10–2:05 (040) 11:20–12:50 (030)
2:00–5:00 (060) 1:00–5:00 (050) 2:15–6:05 (060) 1:00–5:00 (050)

Academic Calendar


Final Exams

The final exam for summer classes are to be given on the last day of of the session.


"Make" Numbers

  • Undergraduate classes require 12+ students
  • Graduate (50000 or above) require 8+ students
  • A summer class in a graduate program will be expected to have 8 for-credit enrollees or one (1) more than half of the number of students in the program as of the previous fall, with a minimum of 5 students enrolled in the class.

Normal Summer Teaching Load Policy

  • The maximum number of hours that a faculty member may teach during the summer is normally six credit hours or equivalent.
  • Faculty members will be limited to teaching no more than three or four credit hours (or equivalent) during the three-week "mini-term" segment of the summer session.
  • Should the needs of the institution make it necessary or desirable for a faculty member to teach in excess of the normal load, he/she may do so with the expressed concurrence of the dean of the appropriate college or school and the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.

Salary pay dates

  • Instructors of classes in the MAY session will receive compensation at the end of May.
  • Instructors of classes scheduled to begin in the month of June, will be compensated at the end of June.
  • Instructors of classes scheduled to begin In the month of July, will be compensated at the end of July.

Summer Teaching Compensation

For information on summer teaching compensation, see the Academic Affairs Administrative Handbook