Texas Christian University | Registrars Office

Class Room Reservation Procedure

Instructional/Classroom Spaces (I/C Spaces) are primarily used for scheduled academic classes. All other uses must not conflict with or diminish this primary mission.

Classroom Scheduling


All classroom scheduling is done through Make an on-line room request. Academic classes are scheduled as a joint effort with Academic Deans Offices as class offerings for each semester are developed.

Other TCU Activities

Once all classes have been assigned rooms (normally eight weeks prior to the beginning of the semester), other activities may reserve I/C Spaces. Academic users and recognized TCU organizations may request use of I/C Spaces directly through the Office of the Registrar. Some organizations require approval by TCU oversight before submitting space requests.

All requests should include:

  • Purpose of use
  • Organization
  • Individual responsible (with email and cell phone)
  • Date(s) of use
  • Start and end time
  • Number of people
  • Room preference (if known see link below)
  • Desired room characteristics
  • Room reservation approval will be acknowledged by email.

    Persons wishing to use TCU I/C Spaces for other than TCU Academics or TCU Recognized Organizations should contact ConferenceServices@tcu.edu

    Room Use

    All I/C Space use must assume the next user of the space is an academic class and the room must be left in perfect shape for that use.

  • No food or drink is allowed in I/C Space
  • Black/White boards should be erased
  • Chairs should be placed in normal classroom configuration
  • Trash should be removed
  • AV equipment should be in working order and turned off
  • Any other aspect of I/C Space that might hinder its primary mission of academic classroom use must be corrected.

    Access(unlocking) for rooms with Key Card Access should be automated if reservations are made in advance. Rooms that do not have keycard access will require making arrangements with a specific office in each building for the room(s) to be unlocked. If this is necessary, the email reservation acknowledgement will so indicate.

    Failure to meet room use guidelines will result in loss of room reservation privilege.